At Home Core Exercises

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At Home Core Exercises

So I think the title of this blog is pretty self explanatory.  I’ve put together some of my go-to ab workouts.  They can easily be done right in your living room – even if you have a screaming baby in the corner, toddler watching T.V., or in my case, an excited dog who is determined to exercise with you.

Now before I get into it, the first thing I want to address is how to really get those abs looking fabulous and bikini ready – NUTRITION.  I hate to break it to ya, but there is no way in hell you will have 6 pack abs while eating garbage everyday.  Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.  So basically, you’re not going to reap any benefits from busting out a million crunches a week if you don’t clean up your eating habits.  Healthy eating along with building your core strength is the only way to get that flat tummy we all desire (but lets be real, even if I do have a flat stomach in the morning, by the time I go to bed I’m bloated and look 5 months pregnant).  Moral of the story, no one is perfect – eat clean, drink water, exercise moderately and do the best you can.

What You Will Need

  • Yoga Mat or Towel
  • 5-10 lb weights (optional)

V Sit Shoulder Press

12-15 Reps
(hold weight in each hand and sit with torso leaning back at a 45 degree angle with feet elevated off the floor a few inches – press arms over head and return)
Modification: keep feet on the ground; no weights

Butterfly Sit-Up


15 Sit-Ups
(lie face up on the floor with both arms overhead, brace your core and sit up, slighting tapping your heels with the weight – slowly return to starting position one vertebrae at a time)
Modification: no weight

Russian Twist


25 Sets
(sit with torso leaning back at a 45 degree angle, knees bent and feet elevated off the floor a few inches – twist from right to left to complete 1 set)
Modification: keep feet on the ground; no weight

Tabletop Crunch


12-15 Sets
(do a crunch and place the weight as close to your feet as possible, flatten your back as you exhale and lay down – when you crunch again, bring the weight back down with you in hand – repeat)
Modification: leave the weight placed by the feet as you complete crunches

Side Plank


12 Reps Each Side
(start in a plank position, engage your core and row arm up)
Modification: put knee and elbow on the ground; no weight

Standing Side Crunch

15 Reps Each Side
(stand hip width apart)
Modification: no weight

Repeat circuit 2-3x.

Hope you found these exercises helpful – Happy Blogging!


For more information, please leave a reply below or feel free to contact me directly.

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