Blend of Thieves Immunity Booster

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Blend of Thieves Immunity Booster

Tis the season for spreading germs.  Too many of us put all of our focus on how to get better once we’ve fallen ill – Not enough of us concentrate on how to prevent it!  Building your immune system is extremely important and there is so many simple ways we can do so.  Eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting enough sleep, exercise and of course minimizing stress (which in our day and age is probably the hardest to work on). 

We are constantly on the go and rarely do we take a second to stop and really put our health first.  

Recently, my husband and I have been incorporating essential oils in our daily lives to improve our over all well being. We get so many questions from family and friends on how to use them and what our favorite recipes are.  Making personalized blends are amazing to taylor your needs and usage of essential oils.  Right now, in the midst of winter chaos and flu season, my family has been reaching for this immunity booster blend every day!

What You Will Need

  • Young Living Thieves Essential Oil (15 drops)
  • Young Living RC Essential Oil (15 drops)
  • Young Living Lemon Essential Oil (10 drops)
  • Young Living Copaiba Essential Oil (5 drops)
  • 10ml Rollerball Bottle (Amazon) OR Recycled YL 5ml Oil Bottle
  • Carrier Oil (approximately 40 drops)
  • Bottle Labels (Amazon) optional

All Essential Oils mentioned can be purchased with a Starter Kit.


Combine essential oils and carrier oil (we currently use grape seed oil) in either your rollerball bottle or recycled essential oil bottle (as shown above).

To reuse my essential oil bottles I removed the label and soaked the bottle in warm, soapy water over night.  If you find the aroma of the original oil is still lingering, simply soak the bottle in water and alcohol (50/50 ratio) for approximately 15-20 minutes.

Use Young Living Lemon Essential Oil to easily remove any left over residue from the label.

Apply blend to the bottoms of your feet, wrist, chest/neck and behind the ears before bed time.  The convenience of the roller bottle will allow you to bring it on the go to reapply as necessary.

Hope this blend is helpful – Happy Oiling!


For more information, please leave a reply below or feel free to contact me directly.

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2 Replies to “Blend of Thieves Immunity Booster”

  1. Hi Ashley,
    thanks for posting this…I am definitely going to try this. I have a question – I have used oils in diffusers in the past but more for the nice aroma they have. I wasn’t familiar with health benefits they have too! Are there any educational materials you can share?


    1. I most definitely will be sharing more information about how I personally use essential oils in the upcoming weeks!

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