How I Got My Husband to go Vegan

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How I Got My Husband to go Vegan

The most common question I get asked is how did I get my husband to adapt to a plant based lifestyle.  Well here is the magical answer to the question – I didn’t.  That’s it, I didn’t make him do anything.  You can’t force a lifestyle change on someone, even if it’s for the better.  People have to want to change.  They have to want it for themselves, not for anyone else.  What I will explain to you today is why my husband decided to make this change in his life and how it has helped him drastically.

My Transition to a Plant Based Lifestyle

First off I’ll give you a quick background of my history.  In 2012 after I had my son, I began my health journey.  I was a vegetarian on and off from that point up until two years ago when being fully plant based caught my attention.  I did my research and went back and forth from vegetarian to vegan for the past two years, until recently when I became completely plant based – for good!

Steven’s Story

Okay enough about me.  I know you all want to know my husband’s story, so here it is.  Through out the years of my health journey, Steven didn’t understand.  He would always say he could never live without his steak dinners, cheese just tastes too good and I’m a man I need to eat meat every day.  I tried my best to throw facts and information in his face, but nothing would give.  He wasn’t ready, and I had to accept that.

Fast forward to spring of 2017 when he visited the doctor for a check up.  Steven was told he was considered “obese” for his age and height, his cholesterol was through the roof, blood pressure was dangerously high, he had two risk factors for heart disease and was also at risk for developing diabetes. It didn’t help that he was dealing with anxiety and depression and leaned on food for comfort.  Steven came home from that doctor visit and did what anyone else would do.  He started to exercise moderately and cut out all processed foods and refined sugars.  Did it help, yes a little, but not to the extent he had hoped for.  This was when Steven did his own research and became open to the idea of being plant based.  He felt going at a gradual pace was going to work best for him, so early summer of 2017 he cut out red meat.  His main goal was to fix these problems naturally, without taking any medications.

By fall of 2017 he had dropped approximately 20 lbs, only had one risk factor for heart disease and his cholesterol and blood pressure improved (but still was not where it needed to be).  This was when he kicked it into gear and decided it was do or die.  Steven cut out dairy immediately after this doctor visit.  As someone who always suffered with severe stomach issues, cutting out dairy changed all of that for him.  He was no longer in pain after every meal, running to the bathroom with uncontrollable stomach cramps every time he ate.  He also saw a drastic change in his skin.  The razor burn he would get from shaving was gone.  He felt so amazing, he wanted to keep going.

By winter of 2017 Steven then cut out poultry and seafood.  He went completely plant based and was no longer eating any animal products or by products (with the help of watching the documentary ‘What the Health’).  Shortly after making this full transition, he went back to the doctor for blood work and to check on his progress.  The doctor was literally in shock.  Steven had lost almost 40 lbs, his cholesterol and blood pressure were 100% normal and he had NO risks for heart disease or diabetes.  His doctor said he was in the best physical shape of his life (Steven has been seeing this particular physician since he was a child).  I was even in the room as the doctor mumbled “holy shit” while reading his charts.  He was in shock at how quickly my husband was able to turn his health around without taking any medications whatsoever.

So there you have it.  A plant based life style literally saved my husband’s life.  No medication.  Just food. Whole foods, healthy foods, plant based foods.  Almost one year later from the beginning of his transition, and his only regret is not making these changes sooner in his life.

I really hope if nothing else, this story inspires you to take care of yourself.  Treat your body with the respect it deserves.  Before you walk over to your medicine cabinet ask yourself, is this really the solution? Instead, find the root of your health issues instead of masking them with temporary bandaids.

Eat to live, don’t live to eat.

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14 Replies to “How I Got My Husband to go Vegan”

    1. Incredible!!!!! So motivating…keep spreading the word. The men in our lives need to change their eating habits before it’s too late.

  1. Great story… I’m looking into this an option for me. My husband will be like Steve was… but I may try. Thanks for sharing

    1. It usually takes time for some people to even consider it. Maybe try starting with meatless Mondays for your husband and go from there!

  2. Wow Ashley this is incredible and inspiring. I have gone back and forth with being plant based and am committed to sticking with it for good! Congratulations to you both for having the discipline! God bless!

    1. Thanks for the feedback – best of luck to you! It is definitely easier when you have someone to make the changes with.

  3. Thanks for posting this. Joe def wants and needs to help himself like this too. I will pass this on to him. I should talk though since I have completely fallen off the bandwagon. Thanks for inspiring.

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