123 FRÉ Skincare Set

123FRÉ Skincare Set

For those of you who know me, know I get down in the gym.  I workout almost daily and sweat like a beast (no exaggeration).  I’ve always had sensitive skin, and sweating as much as I do doesn’t really help.  When I was approached by FRÉ Skincare to test out their products, I was so excited!  I had been eying their line for some time and couldn’t wait to try out their 123FRÉ skincare set.

What is FRÉ?

FRÉ is a skincare line formulated specifically for people who sweat.  Their 123FRÉ skincare set consists of 3 products:

PURIFY ME: Hydrating Facial Cleanser
PROTECT ME: Defense Facial Moisturizer with SPF30
REVIVE ME: Deep Replenishing Serum

FRÉ products are made of a unique blend of organic Argan oil, Argan leaf water extract and Argan stem cells.  This complex specializes in repairing damaged skin due to sweat, intense exercise, sun, pollution and other environmental factors.  What’s even better is the entire line is 100% vegan and cruelty free! (A+ in my book)

My Experience with 123FRÉ Skincare Set

I have been using this set for a few weeks now and I am in love.  The formula is gentle on my sensitive skin, yet strong enough to clean out my pores and have me feeling squeaky clean after every workout.  This entire set lasts up to 3 months. (Which means you get to enjoy this luxury skincare routine for less than $1 a day!!)

How to get 15% Off Your Kit

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Happy Cleansing!

Hope you enjoy your discount. 🙂