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  • Clear Mind

    I always try to find time everyday (even if it’s just for a few short minutes) to read.  It doesn’t always have to be a book.  Sometimes I find articles or essays online that interest me. Lately I’ve been loving The Minimalist podcast.

  • Kid Friendly Vegan Alternatives

    Unfortunately my kids were not born into a vegan lifestyle.  It took a lot of research and trial & error to get them to slowly transition.  Many people ask me do your kids eat the same foods you eat? Yes and no. 

  • Vegan Pulled Pork

    What if I said you can ‘veganize’ any of your favorite meals? A lot of people don’t realize there is a plant based version for pretty much any dish you want to make! Here is my version of a vegan pulled pork sandwich using  Jack Fruit.

  • As a vegan I’m constantly getting asked “What do you eat besides lettuce?”  I actually have a pretty hefty appetite and eat a wide variety of foods.  Sometimes I even crave something  “meaty”.

  • We all know breakfast is a crucial part of the day, but it’s often over looked.  Lack of time in the morning usually makes it hard for us to get in this important meal.  I have some “go-to” breakfasts that I make regularly.

  • I’m a sucker for comfort food.  Especially when it’s easy to make and good for you!  This beef-less chili recipe is one that I have played around with a lot over the years (using different spices and whatnot).

  • The main idea of minimalism (in my opinion) is being happy with the items that serve a purpose in our lives and bring value.  Not feeling like you have to have certain materialistic things in order to be content.

  • For those of you who know me, know I get down in the gym. I’ve always had sensitive skin, and sweating as much as I do doesn’t really help. When I was approached by FRÉ Skincare to test out their products, I was so excited!

  • So many people have been messaging me asking “What do vegans actually eat?”.  Then it dawned on me, not everyone knows how to construct a vegan meal.

  • The most asked question I get asked by my friends is how did I get my husband to adapt to a plant based life style.  Well here is the magical answer to the question.

  • You’ll need minimal ingredients and only a few minutes of your time to get this recipe completed.  It’s also an extremely satiating and hearty meal, perfect for these cold winter days!

  • Not only does it taste delicious, but it also has some great components that are extremely healthy for you.  I was shocked when so many people started to ask me “What is matcha?”

  • Who says you can’t have your favorite comfort food and “veganize” it? Theres so many different ways to make healthier versions of those foods you love.

  • I figured it’s a good time to share some tips that really helped me along my journey. Now these aren’t hard rules you have to follow.

  • You guys wanted quick and simple recipes, well you’ve got it! Like I mentioned before, in our home we need fast and easy dishes because we’re always on the go.

  • They can easily be done right in your living room – even if you have a screaming baby in the corner, toddler watching T.V., or in my case, an excited dog who is determined to exercise with you.

  • Tis the season for spreading germs.  Too many of us put all of our focus on how to get better once we’ve fallen ill – Not enough of us concentrate on how to prevent it!

  • Oatmeal is rich in dietary fiber and a variety of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Oatmeal is also satiating (feeling of being full) and is known to improve digestion and cardiovascular health.

  • I had only 3 ingredients that appealed to me.  Granola.  Frozen Blueberries.  Protein Almond Milk.  By some miracle, I made these simple ingredients into one of my new favorite breakfast meals!